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Blind Date with a Book - New

Blind Date with a Book - New

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Blind date with a book is the perfect weekend surprise! These copies are to be read and enjoyed. All books come with a reading log bookmark, A Book Review Bookmark, a marker and annotation tabs of one color. Along with cute bookish stickers. Please choose your genre. If there is anything you do not want please leave a note. PLEASE LEAVE ME ANY TRIGGERS IN THE NOTES SO I CAN TRY TO AVOID

Genre Information!

  • it is important that you leave me your goodreads or a list of books that you own to avoid duplicates if you are an avid reader. Tiktok does not do exchanges. We do a lot of indie authors, there is a good change you may not have heard of the author or the book.

  • Booktok favorite genre is just that. These are extremely popular books. If you read a lot of popular books, I would advise not to pick this selection

  • Books listed x2, x3, etc. are multiple books that are wrapped together but you get double all the extras. These books may be series or they could be stand alones.

  • Special edition books are just that special edition, normally with exclusive covers and sometimes with sprayed edges. These books normally comes from book boxes, if you subscribe to book boxes I would stay away from these to not get duplicates.

Please do not pick surprise genre and then leave a note telling me which genre you want. this option is for pure surprise and not to use because the genre you want is out of stock!

*****Blind date with a book is meant to be a fun experience! If you are looking for a book cheaper than store prices you will not find that here. We work hard to bring a fun reading experience to readers, To maybe find an author you have never heard of or step out of your comfort zone and read something you normally wouldn’t pick up for yourself. While we do strive to make every experience perfect, we do make mistakes. Please contact us if you have any issues with your order! We try to make sure each book has at least a 3.5 star rating. Please remember ratings are subjective and your five star read may be someone else’s one star read. Some books may be apart of a series but we make sure if they are they are the first book, or they can be read as a stone alone. All books come with a reading log bookmark, a marker and annotation tabs of one color and cute bookish stickers. All our books are brand new but may contain remainder marks and sometimes stickers. We do not remove stickers on the book so they do not get damaged.

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